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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can view the tutorial video, here.
Once you start creating projects, they will show up on your login screen, along with a progress meter for how far along you are on them. This will list your private & public projects. A private project is one that you or some friends, which you invited to collab with, are working on together. A public project is one that will be listed on your profile for others to request to join, and you can go one step further and publish a public project to the Explore section, for others to see when they are exploring the site.
You can invite friends to a private project, by entering their email in the add user section of your workspace, or you can click the "invite to collab" button on their profile, which will show a list of all your available projects, that you can invite them to. You can also publish your project publicly, so others can join, and make their own version of your project.
Private invites are necessary to add more people to this new collab, including if the new collaborator, would like to invite the original creator of the project to this new collab. Updates from each new project created by a collaborator will appear in the original thread from the Stream or the Explore tab, where it was shared. The original publisher of the project will get notifications for updates, such as who has joined the collab and who has published a new version of the song.
This is where you can browse songs & projects, that others have shared with the community. The Stream will consist of people that you have added to your circle, and the Explore tab is everyone else.
You can share your song privately, by uploading a new song file on the home screen of that particular song’s workspace. The player has a share button, that will allow you to share the song privately via email and social networks. You can also post the song publicly, and it will be visible on the Streams of all the users that have added you to a circle and to others who have discovered it on their Explore tab.
Yes, your card will be billed automatically, in order to auto renew the subscription for each pay period.
Public collabs will be listed on your project list, but they will have a public collab icon on it. If you created a public collab, it will display a yellow button that will list everyone that has joined the project. If you joined a public collab, it will list the original creator's name, along with a link to the original project. The original creator will get alerts on the original project thread, showing who has pulled the project or posted a new version of the song. Remember, when joining a public collab, it's only you at the start, and you have to invite others to collab with you, including the original project creator.

You may also want to save & self-contain all project files too. For example:

To make sure all project files are saved in your project folder, choose File > Collect All and Save.
To make sure all project files are saved in your project folder, choose Project Management > Consolidate...
To make sure all project files are saved in your project folder, choose File > Export > Zipped loop package

**To collaborate across DAWs, you need to share all your audio stems, after exporting them, the entire length of your Arrangement, label the folder or files with the BPM of the track, & you may want to name all your mixer channels. Below is how to export in Logic, Ableton, & Fruity Loops

File > Export > Tracks as Audio Files
File -> Export Audio/Video > (Pop up) Click right at the top where it says 'Master' > 'All tracks' from the dropdown menu.

1. Make sure ever signal is routed to a mixer.

2. Go to File-Export-Wave File.

3. A Menu Pops up, where you can select where you want to save your File. As we want to split the tracks, just select the right folder and write the the song name.

4. Press Enter, A Menu pops up.

5. Set looping mode to “leave remainder” This way you make sure that nothing gets cut up, for example a long release of a note.

6. Quality: Select 512-point sinc. NEVER select Dithering. If you use TS 404 you can select “Alias free for TS404″. Select “HQ for all plug-ins”. Select “Disable Max Poly”.

7. Output: You should select WAV and not MP3. Only select MP3 if you really want to piss of your mixing engineer.

8. WAV: You shoul select “24bit float (0.24) here for a optimal sound Quality.

9.Options: Select “Split Mixer Tracks”.

Yes, just click the "edit playlist" button, and you will be able to drag & drop to change the order of the songs.
All file types are allowed; except, the playlist on the profile pg, only allows these extensions: mp3, wav, ogg, & mp2.  Also, there is a max upload limit for a single file, of 2gb, in the project files section; however, when publishing a song to the stream or uploading a song to your playlist, the max file size is 200mb, so an mp3 file is suggested for larger songs/sets.

For additional support, please contact us at