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About CollabMix

Collabmix is your way to organize collabs with your friends or by joining public collabs in the Collabmix community.

Collabmix helps you have more organized collaborations, with project management features for improving workflow. Your workspaces have dedicated space for your project files, project specific inboxes, assigned tasks, & you can easily track the progress of each project, just by viewing the progress bar for each one.

Adding friends to collab with is very simple, and so is finding new collabs, that are shared publicly. You can easily track what others are doing to a project that you make publicly available, as well. Feel free to manage your own solo projects here too.

We hope you enjoy all of these great tools, for managing moreand more new music, which you and the entire community of music lovers can make with one another!

Collab Smarter!

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